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Our ride leader will greet you and lead the ride at a comfortable pace for all. We stress safety and responsibility on trail. Riders usually gather after the ride for light refreshments or lunch. Please register to ride so we can inform you of any changes in plans or if the ride is cancelled. The rides are held at a leisurely pace so we can enjoy the beauty of the area. You are free to start out ahead of the group with others who may want to travel at a quicker pace as long as all riders are comfortable. We encourage you to wear a helmet and always carry your cell phone. Arrive and be ready to ride out at the posted time. See contact information on the trail ride schedule.

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Trails and Rides


WHY DO WE TRACK TRAIL MILES?  It is necessary to track the number of miles ridden and which trails are used in order to inform both state and local officials of the importance of bridle trails to the horse community. You don't have to be a member of OHC to report trail miles ridden. The receipt of state and local funds depends on the respective park officials'knowledge of trail use. Let's show the Metroparks and the State that we are here and riding!!

HOW DO YOU CALCULATE MILES?  Drive beside a section of trail in your car and note the one mile mark. Now, ride the same section on your horse at a walk and see how much time it takes to ride the mile. Generally, a horse walks between 2 to 4 miles an hour and will trot 4 to 6 miles an hour. You know if your horse is a fast walker or just ambles along. Estimate how far you travel per ride and record your mileage and in which park you rode.

HOW TO TURN IN YOUR FORMS?  Print out the pdf form found below and mail/email it to:

Lou Slavik- 7880 Oakhurst Drive, Brecksville OH 44141 or

 OHC Trailmile End Year Report Form